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Repair And Replacement Locks In Wooden Doors

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When You Need to Change Mechanism

Operation of any mechanism causes its gradual wear. As a result, various situations arise, for example, the lock may get damaged. In this case it may be necessary to replace the locks, but more often it is possible to carry out the usual repair of locks, which is much cheaper. In this case, neither the aesthetic nor protective characteristics of this device and door will be affected.
But if you change the lock on the door, this process may be accompanied by the need to make additional holes in the door, which often significantly ruin its appearance. Although it is easier to restore the aesthetic characteristics of the wooden leaf than metal. For minor damage, a special grease can be used. It is necessary to choose the colour in tone.

Most often the following signs indicate the need to repair the door lock: the key can’t be properly inserted or removed from the keyhole; the lock can only be turned with considerable force; the door stops slamming; the lock mechanism is permanently jammed. Specialists of our service can replace the lock in a short time. We provide a quick response to the request and guarantee decency. Installation of locks is inexpensive. So, it makes no sense to try to solve the problem yourself.
It is worth entrusting the problem to professionals based on the following considerations: having the right tool; the necessary experience to change the cylinder or qualitatively eliminate another problem; fast problem solving. Call us, if you need a professional replacement for the core of the lock or the entire mechanism!

Repair And Replacement Locks In Metal Doors

There are cases when a lock can break down and you can’t fix it yourself. The most common reasons for the need to repair the lock in the door are the following:
  • non-compliance with the manufacturer’s requirements when installing the product;
  • faulty installation of the door, in which large inaccuracies, distortions and other defects were made;
Repair And Replacement Locks In Wooden Doors
  • incorrect operation of the mechanism;
  • attempts to repair or adjust the device on their own without the necessary qualification;
  • presence of low quality parts in the construction;
  • natural wear and tear of separate elements of the mechanism;
  • attempts of burglary or other mechanical influence;
It is not necessary to replace the locks with a new one. Sometimes repair of locks when the outdated details will be replaced can help. Often it is enough just to change the cylinder to get the mechanism back to work.
Repair And Replacement Locks In Wooden Doors

Advantages of Our Service
When you need to change the lock without any trouble, call us. We’re ready to respond quickly and solve all your problems. Installation of locks and their replacement in metal doors is complicated by the need of special tools. Not every owner has them. And why you should spend money on expensive tools when the need to change the lock on the door is rare. It is easier to call a master who has the necessary technical capabilities and experience. The advantages of coming to us:

  • reasonable prices for services;
  • guarantees of quality of work performed;
  • assistance in the shortest possible time;
  • meeting all customer requirements.
In most cases, it is necessary to replace the core of the lock, which minimizes customer expenses. The master will be able to pick up the right part, do everything as required. Please contact us, we will help you!

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Weston Greer

These guys are quick and honest about what they are doing. Owner came out on a Sunday within an hour, and didn’t inflate the price after seeing what needed done.

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Dannis is the man!! Lost my car key and he was the only one to come to rescue on 3:00. Friendly,quick and really good price. Thank u buddy.

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Great company, good service and fast response. Reasonable pricing. The technician came out fast and took care of everything. Recommend them to anyone
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