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Rekeying Is Easy With Professional Locksmith

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Making New Keys / Rekeying Locks

Losing a key is a pretty ordinary situation that most people face in their lives. The main thing in this case is not to succumb to panic, but calmly weigh where this could happen. There may be several situations and you need to calmly assess what really happened, because you could simply forget it at home, leaving for work. This is of course the easiest case, since all family members must have sets of keys. With the help of relatives, you can safely enter the apartment, but at the same time make sure that your kit is at home.

A more serious option is the actual loss of the key. In this case, you need to strain up and try to figure out the place where this happened. If the loss occurred far from home or in a place where it is impossible to get them, then you just have to make a duplicate. And in order not to stand at the closed door, as in the previous case, you have to use a set of relatives.

In a situation where the help of family members is not expected, and you are not sure that intruders will not take advantage of them, you need to resort to the help of specialists who, without damaging the door leaf, will carefully open the door for you.
If the keys are missing, then for security, changing the lock will not be amiss. Depending on the type of device, there are several ways to change the keys to the front door.

Your next steps

The keys are lost, there is no backup option either, and you do not know how to get inside the apartment. The situation is not the most pleasant, but quite solvable. To do this, you can make a request to call the wizard on our website, or just call us.
Why not do it yourself? There are successful attempts to open the door without keys, but subsequent repairs will be expensive.
Our specialists are armed with all the necessary tools, high-quality consumables. The company employs experienced craftsmen who can open the lock of any complexity and type of mechanism: cylinder, level or code. Everything will be done neatly without damage to the mechanism and door trim.
If you are not sure of safety after losing the key, it is more reliable to replace the lock or its cylinder. This master can do immediately after opening.

Emergency Locksmith

Why is it profitable to order a service from us:

  • The company has ten years of experience in this field.
  • The staff consists of specialists who carefully open the lock of any system, complexity and manufacturer.
  • We perform the opening of doors after losing keys, jamming the lock or latch, emergency opening.
  • At the disposal of the masters there is a new special tool, high-quality consumables and accessories
  • We offer affordable prices for all types of services.
  • High quality work is confirmed by the company guarantee.

In whatever unpleasant situation with the lock you may find yourself, remember that our company provides all types of lock opening services with cylindrical, level and lock mechanisms of any complexity. This guarantees the integrity of the door leaf and finish. If you lost your keys or the lock is broken, our craftsmen will quickly replace the mechanism or the entire lock, can offer a more reliable alternative to the existing one. Contact us and help will come to you quickly.

100% Satisfaction Rate

Colby Mccoy

Called them after my daughter lost her car key. We scheduled a time for them to come by and they showed up as promised, opened the car and made another key with no problem. Great service, would definitely use them again.

Osten Vellington

Very pleased with their service. Made an appointment within 2 days due to my schedule. He showed up on time got to work and before I knew it he was done. Very reasonable pricing and great customer service

Nasir Wyatt

Contacted them for rekeying of a handful of locks and deadbolts. Jacob was awesome. He was timely and professional and he worked quickly and quietly. I would completely recommend him and their services.
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