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Guide to Home Security Hardware

Guide to Home Security Hardware

Importance of Locksmith Hardware for Security

Everyone has the desire to live in a home which is safe and free from the threat of a burglary or a break in. That’s why security companies have been developing various products aimed at keeping you and your family safe. In this blog I aim to provide you with some level of detail of the various products on the market American Best Locksmith is able to assist with installing while also pointing out their benefits and drawbacks.
Burglar Alarms
Burglar alarms are one of the best deterrents for criminals. These systems include a control panel, motion sensors, door and window sensors as well as a sound box. The control panel allows you to activate the system, once activated every sensor then creates a detection zone.

When an alarm detects a movement or a window opening for example this will send a message to the control panel that movement has been detected which as a result will send a message to the sound box, which will emit a high decibel noise, alerting anyone nearby and hopefully scaring the burglar off. The benefit of such as system is that it is very effective especially if you live in a built up urban area, if you live in the countryside and no one lives nearby this system is pretty much useless. Another drawback of such as system is the relatively high initial cost, especially if you purchase a system with all the bells and whistle for example which can communicate directly with your smartphone.
Keypad Locks Keypad locks are a great way to help ensure your home security. Keypad locks prevent criminals from picking the locks since the usual methods of overcoming locks are rendered useless on these types of keyless locks. The main benefit of using such a lock is that they 100% pick proof. You also no longer need to worry about keys or losing a key and worrying about whose hands it has fallen into. This is why many businesses choose this technology to protect their assets. The main drawback of using a keypad lock is the code can easily be given away to others. For example, children or friends who have access to the code may tell others, giving them easy access to your home. The only real way to overcome this is to have a dual system one normal key operated lock in addition to the keyless lock, this gives you the benefits of both while also eliminating some of the drawbacks of using one type of lock.
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Internal and external Cameras
If you are really serious about your security you may wish to install both internal and external cameras. The majority of these cameras are wireless and use a wireless internet connection to hook into a live camera feed. This enables the images to be steamed directly to your cell phone, so even if you’re nowhere near home you can still view what is happening, giving you the chance to catch any burglary and call the police. We believe it is a good idea to install these cameras on both the inside and outside of your home as this may discourage any attempt to commit a crime in the first place. And if you were to unfortunately become a victim of a burglary or vandalism the recording will act as proof of any damage which can be presented to insurance companies.
The only real disadvantage of such a system is the initial cost.

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Garage and Shed security
If you own a garage or shed we recommend you ensure all the windows are covered with either a curtain, blind or cloudy plastic film, this ensures no one can see what you have inside and thus not giving an opportunist thief an opportunity, the less enticing your property is the less chance you will become a victim of burglary.
A shed can be made more secure by installing a strong padlock with the screws hidden which make it difficult for the lock to be taken apart and rendered useless. You may also want to consider buying a padlock with an alarm which will sound when the padlock is being tampered with. If you own a garage with an electric opening system, this can increase your vulnerability to a break in. Burglars have come up with clever ways to open the garage door. One of the primary ways is called Fishing. Electric garage door openers are linked to an emergency release that disconnects the door from the opener.

Without this feature you wouldn’t be able to open the door when the opener is broken. Some criminals have turned this required feature into a security vulnerability. The release mechanism is usually directly above the garage door. Criminals open the door slightly creating a gap at the top where they will insert a hook and try to fish for the cored, once hooked they simply pull the cord to open the door. So to prevent this, we recommend you make a wooden shield. This can be made out of plywood and should be positioned in front of the cord facing the door, fasten it to the cleat with two nails allowing it to break away. This will prevent anyone from fishing for the cord.

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