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We are a company based in San Diego providing all sorts of door lock rekey services. Rekeying is, in fact, different from lock replacement of as it involves the changing of pin pattern in a lock so it does not work with the same keys. It is more affordable than replacement of locks. A locksmith will provide you with a new set of keys for the same lock making the original key ineffective.

Although you can simply visit the market and get a brand new lock for your house or office but finding the most suitable lock is a bit challenging task. And if you’ll buy a wrong lock it may cause security issues for your house. Therefore we will recommend you to get assistance from a professional company like San Diego Door Lock Rekey Locksmith.

Why do we need to rekey locks?

We need new locks installed when we change the house or office. Sometimes we lose our house keys or office keys, and need a new set of keys for security purposes. It is done as a precautionary measure as someone others might have the keys. There is also a possibility that the keys may go in the wrong hands as they are frequently transferred from one person to another.

Moreover, we can opt for the same key to work on all the locks of our house. Here again, rekeying becomes instrumental as it enhances your convenience.

We will recommend you rekey your locks from time to time even if you are staying at the same place for a long time. The rekeying of locks is always a good idea as it ensures extra safety of your house. There are many reasons and benefits for replacing your old keys with the new ones. Few benefits of rekeying of locks are: to ensure the safety and security of your house, for your convenience, if the keys are lost but you want to save the locks.

High-Security and Affordability

At HPM Locksmith we will help you with rekeying your locks. Given below is a list of few locks that can be rekeyed by our experts:

Commercial Locksmith

Deadbolts Lock system

These locks are a very common type of locks. You will find them everywhere in commercial shops, houses, and gates. These locks are preferred because they are really tough to open or break as compared to other door lock systems.

Mortise deadlock system

Mortise locks are similar in many aspects with deadbolt locks. But the mortise deadlocks offer a superior level of security. These locks are sturdier and require keys to unlock at both ends. Some brands of this type are: Marks, Global, Yale.

How We Rekey Your Locks

Our locksmith expert will put a wire tool in the knob hole of the lock to depress it. Afterward, our locksmith expert pushes off the ring to pop off the lock cylinder. Then he would set aside the ring to be replaced after some time. Next, he will move the plug of the cylinder until it cannot pop out. Finally, the lock is reassembled after matching the new colored pins to the codes with the help of instruction sheet. You can contact San Diego Door Lock Rekey Locksmith at any time. Our mobile lock rekeying services are available 24/7 to help you with rekeying or any other

100% Satisfaction Rate

Weston Greer

These guys are quick and honest about what they are doing. Owner came out on a Sunday within an hour, and didn’t inflate the price after seeing what needed done.

Leland Bell

Dannis is the man!! Lost my car key and he was the only one to come to rescue on 3:00. Friendly,quick and really good price. Thank u buddy.

Howard Gibson

Great company, good service and fast response. Reasonable pricing. The technician came out fast and took care of everything. Recommend them to anyone
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