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Cylinder Locks From Locksmith Point Of View

Cylinder Locks From Locksmith Point Of View

Benefits of a Cylinder Lock

Cylinder locks have been used to protect the premises for the second century, and now their popularity is not getting smaller. This is explained by a fairly high level of secrecy, simplicity of design and installation. The locking mechanism of this type of locks is a cylinder with a set of pins located in a certain position that matches the configuration of the key and provides a level of secrecy. When closed without a key, the mechanism is in a locked state and can only be opened using the original key.
All cylinder locks have a standard core – cylinder, which can be easily replaced if necessary. Manufacturers of these products guarantee the preservation of the standard shape and size of the cylinder, and the holes for it, so you can pick up a cylinder of any manufacturer with different degrees of protection for this type of locks. The complexity of the mechanism has 6 degrees of protection, which depend on the number of pins and the configuration of their location.

Locks of this type are padlocked and mortise, so they can be installed on the door leaf or mounted in the door structure. However, the small size and weight of the product does not affect the strength of the door array.

Varieties and features of cylinder mechanisms of secrecy for locks

Locks of this design are divided into two categories: single-sided and double-sided. One-way mechanisms include those that are locked with a key on only one side. Usually this is the outside of the door, on the inside of the lock for this purpose a rotary knob is installed – a turntable.
In bilateral devices, keyholes are located on both sides of the mechanism and, accordingly, are unlocked and locked with a key from the outside and inside.
The degree of secrecy of the lock depends on its design, and increases with increasing number of pins or pins inside the mechanism. Depending on the number of pins located, the locks may have:

  • The single-row pin mechanism is opened with a key with cutouts on one side.
  • Double row – driven by a key with double-sided thread
  • Three row. It already requires a special configuration key with a cross-shaped profile.
  • For a four-row, a key of the same configuration is used, but with a greater degree of secrecy.
Residential Lock Installation
It should be said that with an increase in the degree of protection, the price of devices increases accordingly. In addition to the indisputable advantages, cylinder mechanisms have their drawbacks, such as vulnerability to unauthorized opening. Therefore, well-known brands are making considerable efforts to ensure the reliability of their products.
Door Locks Installation
Advantages of cylinder locks:
  • Cylinder locks have a relatively low cost compared to other types of structures.
  • Small dimensions and weight allow you to mount the device on any door without changing the structural strength.
  • Products are produced with 6 degrees of secrecy, which complicates the possibility of penetration.
  • Installation takes a little time, which depends on which option you have chosen the consignment note or mortise.
Locks have a wide range of applications. They are installed on the entrance and interior doors of apartments and private houses, offices.

We offer quality products from reliable manufacturers at affordable prices. We will help each client to choose the best version of the lock according to the design and characteristics of the door and price category.

To replace old locks and grubs, contact our company, and the master will be with you within 40 minutes. Any type of locks is installed in the best possible time for all types of doors.

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