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24/7 Residential Locksmith Part 1

Residential Repair Service

Lock Types And Mechanisms

With a blockage of the lock mechanism, subsidence of the door halftone and other problems, the door may not open, and then the question arises of how to open the lock in the metal door yourself. Of course, this is a problem, and a specialist can solve it faster and better. But what if the yard is night, and the master can arrive only in the morning? What to do if you did not find a person who can perform such work professionally?

The answer is clear: to understand how to act, and try to open the door yourself. If there is no way to open the door, as usual, with a key, there are other ways. And it is worth knowing about them. General recommendations for opening the lock.
You do not always know what kind of mechanism is installed in the door, especially if it is not yours, but, for example, someone asked for help. Thieves often use these methods, but perhaps one of them will help you out:
  • If there is a cylinder mechanism, pick up a key.
  • Find a master key and try to use it.
  • Comb (drill pins) and open the door using a screwdriver.
  • Remove the hardware and try opening the door with the same screwdriver.
  • Press the door, that is, push it towards the canopies, press to open it. It is possible to protect it from the penetration of thieves in the same way by installing a one-piece frame.
  • Pour into the lock a special acidic substance that will corrode the mechanism.
Note also that if you lose your original key, it is not recommended trying to open it with a similar one. As a rule, the problem will only get worse, and such a key will get stuck.

Keys And Lock Mechanisms

Knowing the type of lock will help to open it with minimal effort, but it is important to determine the type of device, and only then look for a way to open it.
Modern iron doors can be equipped with one of two types of locks:

  • Mortise. When the main part – the box – is installed inside the canvas in a special recess.
  • Deposit. They are also inside, but they are installed before assembling the doors.
The mechanisms can also be different, most of them use the following:
  • Pin or cylinder. It consists of special blocks, which, interacting with each other, act on the crossbars, opening the door.
  • Suvaldny. At its core are plates that line up in a certain sequence when opening, opening doors. The more there will be, the more reliable the mechanism is considered.
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In pin mechanisms, there is another division according to secrecy groups:
  • The lowest is the one that is easy to open with the help of master keys. Two-sided and one-sided English keys, as well as cross keys, are suitable for such locks. Locks include up to ten thousand combinations.
  • Medium have up to five million combinations, open with a card.
  • High security mechanisms have more than one hundred billion combinations; to open them, you need a punched card and Finnish keys.

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