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It’s hard to describe despair when you can’t open a door of your car or apartment. Also you may get sweaty when the code from a safe flies out of your mind or you have lost the keys. Another popular reason of an inability to unlock the car’s or house’ doors is a jammed lock. In all these situations you need to unlock your property in San Diego. That is when The San Diego Locksmith Team’s services can be handy – we are able to:

open any doors

ignition locks of your cars




within San Diego area and its neighborhood.

Check the main page of help-locksmith.com to get the details about the price, schedules, locations and services offered by the experts from The San Diego Locksmith Team.

Our Team

If you need the new keys for a

locked door

just the service for the quick unlocking of your apartment’s door

quick unlocking of your car doors

quick unlocking of your ignition locks

quick unlocking of your motorcycle

quick unlocking of your safes

consider calling The San Diego Locksmith Team. Our experts are able to drive to your address as soon as possible to solve the problem with the locked property.

Honesty and transparency of prices along with the speed of work and professional services are the main principles of The San Diego Locksmith Team’s policy. We are the small but dedicated team that values each client – from individuals to local businesses.

Another best thing is that we work around the clock, in San Diego and the nearby locations. Also, our experienced locksmith specialists can cope with all types of locks.

If you cannot open the

front door of your house

your car doors

have a jammed ignition lock

we will surely open it: neatly and without any mechanical damage. Only in the movies the action heroes kick the door with their shoulder or enter the locked apartment through the neighbor’s balcony – leave the stunts to the professionals. In reality, such actions can turn into the insecurity of your own property and serious damage to doors or vehicles.

What to do when you have a jammed or broken lock (or have lost your keys)?

The first thing that you should do – never panic or try to unlock the car/house by yourself. If there is no possibility to use the spare keys, it is better to dial the number of the service of The San Diego Locksmith Team – and our specialists will hurry up to your locations (at day and night). The experts from The San Diego Locksmith will do everything in their power to open the lock without using force – the lock and property will remain intact. Also, our  professional locksmith team will be able to restore workability of the broken lock. The opening of locks is provided only in the presence of the owner and certain documents confirming the right of ownership for the property.

Our Services

The variety of services offered by The San Diego Locksmith Team

Locked safes or broken keys in a lock is also a common problem. In this cases, the specialists from The San Diego Locksmith Team can open such locks without the use of a metalwork tool – this means that the lock mechanism remains intact. The specialists of The San Diego Locksmith Team can deal with both mechanical and electronic locks.

After a standard locksmith service, The San Diego Locksmith Team can also provide such services:

Fixing the lock with a broken key within;

Repair of safes and broken locks;

Diagnosis and repair of locks from cars/safes/houses/motorcycles;

Unlocking electric and mechanical locks during a short period of time;

We make new keys for cars/houses/apartments/motorcycles.

The San Diego Locksmith Team can be your reliable locksmith partner that works 24/7 in San Diego and the nearby area. Check the locations where our locksmith specialists can help you! Call us right now if you have a serious problem with a broken/jammed lock.M